bookkeeping in burgess hill


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Looking for a bookkeeper in Burgess Hill or the surrounding area?

I am a sole trader specialising in Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll, Monthly Management, Accounts and all related accounting services.

With years of experience in preparing the books for a variety of businesses, from small Sole Trader to large incorporated businesses, with working experience in restaurants, hotels, pubs, shops, tradesman, Farming, manufacturing and exporting.

I can also prepare your year-end accounts, tax return and/or company tax computations, statutory accounts and abbreviated accounts and submit electronically to the appropriate bodies, all at a fraction of what it would cost you through an accountant.

I can also provide you with other financial services such as preparing a budget for a loan application or any other financial planning, payroll and more.

My services are professional, reliable, individual service. My prices are reasonable and my work is designed to save you money.

I would like you to know that if you hire my services, I will be committed to maintaining your finances in order to save you money and whenever possible, increase your profits.

Sal Teichmann